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i am completely new to plc,have read some books on ladder programming and wanted to know how to start thinking about a ladder program after seeing the hardware processes.can you please give a step by step approach from where should we start uptil end?
Well thats really what our courses are about... First most of what you will read about in a book is generic junk (tying to keep it PG). There is some good information such as general info about field devices and some the numbering systems, but most books I have seen try to keep the programming info generic which doesn't lend well to actually teaching you anything. Some of the different processors are so different that there is just no reason to learn that way. If you dont have a specific processor brand that you are interested in, I would suggest Allen Bradley or AB for short. That's if you are in the US. In Europe, Siemens rules. I guess my point would be to learn a popular system first. That way you will be learning on something that is more likely to be usable. As for where to go from there, you really need a mentor (thus the name of the site 🙂. You can take a course, or courses, but really you have to have someone that you can bounce ideas off of to really get a good understanding. That is the whole concept behind our Stage 3 training and letting people ask questions and put forward ideas. I would suggest joining us as a first step. Getting a processor and programming software would be a close second possibly even ahead of joining us. Then play. Do our course, come to the webinars, and above all do the program exercises. As for where do you end - I really dont know. I dont think there really is an end. I learn new things daily. This field changes all the time so it really takes some motivation to stay with the changes; however, the basics and fundementals dont change. If by "end" you are asking when am I ready to get a job then that is totally dependent on your confidence and the confidence of the person hiring you. There is somewhat of a sale necessary to convince someone that you are ready, especially when it is someone you have worked with a long time that already has their mind up that "you dont do that."

I hope this helped. let me know if there is more info I can supply.
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