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I've been messing around with some Demo software package called "PanelView Component Emulator V. 1.30" The software however does not allow the completed application (that you just created) to RUN. So my question is (kinda a dumb one at that) - What software does a person use to create an application that would be then downloaded onto the panel view terminal? And what is the usual cost of the software from AB?



The panelview plus HMI requires Factory Talk View Studio (Machine Edition) to be able to configure. I notice when I go to the create app dialog that there is a checkbox for creating a compact edition application so I would assume you can create one of those also. I have never used the component version of the panelview so I'm not even sure if the compact and component are the same thing. There is a runtime simulation that comes with the Factory Talk (FT) software that will let you test your application by running it on your PC. There is also a Machine Edition (ME) version that you can purchase to run on a PC instead of configuring it for the Panelview. Last quote I had for the configuration software was around $750. The ME version that runs on a PC is priced based on number of screens used and is a little expensive for what you get in my opinion. Frankly I think the panelviews are a little overpriced. A 10" PV is around $4500 and a comparable Red Lion is around $2000. Those are rough prices but you can see a wide gap. The red lion software is a free download and seems to be less buggy. The component version of the panelview has not been out long enough for me to start speccing it yet. I like to give these devices a little time to marinate.
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