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Hello, im gonna try to explain my situation, i create a program in Step-7, emulate 5000, then i made a program in InTouch, here is my problem, how can i use the tagnames from Step-7 in Intouch? how can i create a path in tagname dictionary from Intouch ?

I use Rslogix 5000, rs linx classic, rslogix emulate, intouch window maker, windows viewer, Archestra Management console, FSGateway, MatrikonOPC Explorer.

I configured the access names, topic, application, but i cant see or use the tagnames from Step-7 in Intouch.

More explanation:

I create a program in RSLogix 5000, i want to use the program tag "Puls (bool)", in Intouch,
after creating a program, i configure the RSLogix Emulate 5000, in Rslinx im using AB_VBP-1, 1789-A17/A
Virtual Chassis - Slot 02, RsLogix 5000 Emulator, Prueba.
Then I create in Intouch a new Window, here is my question, how can i use the tag "puls" in Intouch,
i went to Archestra System Management Console, configured ArchestrA.FSGateway.1 + Configuration +
New_InTouch_000, New_OPCGroup_000, then in Matrikon OPC i connect to FSGateway i can see the values
of the items in RSlogix and Intouch, but i cant use the tagnames of Rslogix in my intouch program.

Help !!

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Great! Why don't you put a brief post of what solved your problem for others on the forum? Thanks!
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Well, i was doing all good in rslinx and intouch, the problem were in the Archestra System managment console, in the part under DAServer manager, i was trying to address my tagnames from other node group, when i eliminate the nodes that i wasn't using, and re-do the configuration from the beginning, my problem fix.

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