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I currently have a customer that has several 90-30 PLC's that were programmed in Logicmaster 90 (DOS). They no longer have a copy of the program; they have also lost their copy of LM90. I need to get the program out of the PLC's for editing/backup. HELP!!!
You can still purchase a copy of LM90 from GE Fanuc, but it is priced at over $1200 (yes, for an old DOS-based program). You can get a copy of 'Proficy Machine Edition PLC Standard' that will program everything from 90-30's on down for less than $500. You can go online and upload the ladder from the PLC's; but you will not have ANY instruction names or rung comments. These were all stored in the program file from the LM90. But at least you will have the working code. I guess the only reason you would want to purchase the LM90 software is if you had a really old laptop that was running Windows 95 or something like that.
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