I have an older Total Control Products Quickpanel, model # QPJ2D100L2P that has gone bad. Not sure where I can get a replacement. Does anyone know if these can still be purchased new or refurbished?
You can still get the older Quickpanels from a GE Fanuc distributor (since GE purchased TCP), but they have priced them through the roof, in an attempt to encourage upgrading to the new 'Quickpanel View' CE based touchscreens. They are about 1/2 the cost, and have a lot more features. There is even a conversion feature in GE's Proficy Machine Edition software that lets you convert a 'QuickDesigner' .prj file into a new CE-based project, without having to re-create any screens, variables, or addressing. Your best bet in upgrading the model you listed would be the 6" mono.
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