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3/29/2016 6:59 PM
I've got a Red Lion G304K200 HMI connected to a Toshiba T2N PLC, and I am attempting to display a pressure value, which has the address of XW000 D0100 in the PLC's ladder logic.

Using Red Lion's programming software, Crimson 3.0, this sort of thing is done using a data tag. In the creation of a data tag, I am faced with a number of different settings to choose from, and I am not familiar with any of them. The settings I have tried thus far have failed at displaying the correct value. Perhaps somebody here will be able to advise me on what settings to use to successfully display the pressure value.

For those unfamiliar with creating data tags in crimson, here is a breakdown of the settings it gives me, listed as numbered "variables", as I planned on getting past this issue via trial and error, but with the current number of variables it would take forever to find the correct combination. If you are able to help with any of the variables it would be extremely helpful, as if I know the correct value of at least one of them it will make things a lot easier.

The first 3 are all under the "Data Source" > "Source" menu in crimson.

1. "Data Item":
D - Data Registers
F - File Registers
XW - Input Words
YW - Output Words
RW - RW Registers
T - Timers
C - Counters

2. "Element" which is just 4 numbers that I can fill in. I assume that if I pick D as my data item then I would use 0100 as the element, to make D0100, and if I pick XW as my data item then I would use 000 as the element, to make XW000, but again, I'm not sure.

3. "Data Type":
Word as Word
Word as Real
Long as Long
Real as Real

#4 through to #7 are under the "Data Source" menu.

4. "Extent"
One Item

5. "Manipulation"
Invert Bits
Reverse Bits
Reverse Bytes
Reverse Words
BCD to Binary

6. "Treat As"
Signed Integer
Floating Point
Unsigned Integer

7. "Access"
Read and Write
Write Only
Read Only

#8 is under the "Format" > "Format Type" menu.

8. "Format Type"
Time and Date
IP Address

Please let me know if there are any of the variables you can advise me on.

Thank you.
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3/30/2016 2:48 PM

I can try to help, but I'm not familiar at all the the Toshiba PLC.  Most japanese PLC systems that I have used in the past use an unstructured flat memory style and the user blocks off registers as necessary for integer, bits and floating point reals.  You mention displaying a pressure so I would assume floating point which would mean several registers.  From your text, I would also assume that the XW000 data register is your raw value from the pressure input and the D0100 is your scaled value.  Not sure tho.  You will have to correct me if my assumptions are incorrect. 

I would have to guess at using D for your tag with my assumptions.  Generally once you select a data source and data item, the RedLion guides you through the following selections. I would suspect you have a single field to input information and would expect there to be a 0100 entered into it.  

Assuming your D0100 register is used as a real in your program I would expect Real as a Real - possibly Word as a Real.  That should be Toshibaese...

The next selection is easier as you are interested in one element not an array of elements.  So pick One Item.

I would not expect that you need to do any word manipulation, but that is dependent on how the Toshiba offers up its data.  Start with none and you will have to break out the Toshiba book and understand their handling of data in more depth. 

Once again I assume you have configured your data as a real in the PLC so Floating Point would be the correct tag designation.

For display of your pressure, read only is acceptable.

The formatting is really for your display elements.  You can choose to format at the tag level or the display element level. If I am going to add a tag I generally format at the tag level.  To display a pressure you will want to choose numeric and configure how many places before and after the decimal place you want. 

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3/30/2016 3:27 PM
I just finished running some trial and error testing. I created over 80 data tags, covering all of the settings, and checked them all using different data types for D0100. None of the values it displayed matched what the actual pressure is. And for some reason, when I select "Word as Real", press okay, and then check what data type it is set to, it tells me it's set to "Real as Real", as if "Word as Real" doesn't actually exist.

Your suggested settings were certainly used for one of the tags, but I still didn't get the correct value, I'm at a loss here.

Here's a screenshot of the block I'm looking at in my PLC's program. The DataBox is showing the details on D0100, perhaps that will help with identifying the correct settings, as it is mostly gibberish to me.
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4/6/2016 9:35 AM

Sorry!  For some reason the system didnt let me know you posted a reply. 

Looking at your pic, I can see that you data is setup as an integer.  I would guess word as word with a setting as unsigned integer.  I'm not sure from the pic whether it would be signed or unsigned, but the value should come in with one of those.  I would suggest calling RedLion as they have excellent tech support.  Sounds like you have done everything correctly (at least with one of the 80 tags).

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4/6/2016 1:32 PM

No worries!

Right, I would expect one of them to have worked as well, but sadly none of them did.

I've been in contact with Red Lion for a few weeks now, and they seem just as stumped as I am by the entire thing. I think the general consensus is that the PLC is encoding the value in some way and the HMI isn't translating it properly? I'm really not too sure.

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