Section 1 - (Preview Only)

This section will introduce the following concepts in the RSLogix 5000 software:

Create a new project files, give the processor a name and define the type of processor to be used.

Create and understand the concept of tags, how they are configured and used.

Learn to use tasks, programs and routines. Understand how they are used and how they relate to each other.  Learn how to insert new tasks programs and routines into your program and how delete them.

Inserting I/O into the configuration and using it in your program.

Understand the various toolbars avaialable, how to enable them, and explore their functions.

Understand the menu system and explore the capabilities available with the menus.

    Exercise 1 - Programming with Symbols
    Exercise 2 - Understanding Tags
    Exercise 3 - Tasks, Programs and Routines
    Exercise 4 - Configuring Logix I/O
    Exercise 5 - Tag Aliases
    Exercise 6 - Toolbars and Menus