Section 11 - (Preview Only)

This is the first of three programs that you will complete to make sure you fully understand the material in this course.  This is a fairly simple and standard program for PLC programming students.  Everybody understands a stop light so it is a "system" that needs little explaination to understand the required operation.  Make sure you take the time to submit your final programs to the training area of the forum for instructor review.  We will make sure that the program works as required and follows proper programming principles.  Keep in mind that there are many different ways to program the same operation.  While some of the methods may produce proper results and some others may give you proper results most of the time - a good program requires more.  It must be well organized and well documented and programmed for your audience.  That means that you need to consider who will be taking care of the system you are programming.  Consider their level of programming.  The best plan?  Keep it simple.

    Exercise 1 - Traffic Light, Part 1
    Exercise 2 - Traffic Light, Part 2