Section 12 - (Preview Only)

The objective of this section is to become more proficient with the instructions covered in course 1.  These final two programs will stretch your understanding and help you to actually be able to use what you have learned.  This is the most important part of this class and may take longer to complete than all of the other sections.  When you have completed a program, submit it on the training section of the forum for an instructor review.  This will allow us to comment on your methods and organization of your program.  It is possible that you may need to work through the programs more than once to meet good programming requirements, but upon completion you should feel very comfortable with the material covered.

When writing your program make sure you add simulation code  to test your program.

Please, please, please leave questions on the forum or bring them to the Webinar classroom.  It is important that you fully understand the material presented and understand projects as presented.


    Project 1 - Bottling Line
    Project 2 - Lumber Yard