Good morning, I have inherited some process equipment and the manufacturer has proven difficult to deal with. The system is a SLC 500 (5/03 CPU) with panelview, which I want to ultimately change some programming on. Due to my remote location (Northern Yukon) I would like and try to do this myself. I am currently d/l the RSLinx, RSLogix and RSLogix Emulator. Will this enable me to retrieve the program from the SLC 500 and emulate on my PC? What else will I need? If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere - sometimes it is hard to search for the known unknowns.

Cheers, Rob

I will need more info to properly answer this. When you say you downloaded the software, are you talking about the Micro starter lite software that we suggest for training? That software will not work with the SLC. You will need the standard version of the SLC500 programming software. There is about 5 million different versions, so I would suggest getting with your local rep to sort through your needs - inluding other processors you may have to deal with. The RSLogix500 software can be used to program any of the SLC's and the micrologix series. I think the RSLogix Emulate found on our web link will also work with the standard version of RSLogix500 also. I will also need more info on the panelview. Depending on the vintage there are different versions of software for that also. You may need panelbuilder32 or the newer panelviews are programmed with the FactoryTalk software. I suspect you will be dealing with the former considering it is attached to a SLC503 and they are from the time period. There are even older panelview packages so the panelview series would be important information.
Thank you for the help. The panelview is a panelview plus 700.

I had downloaded the RSLogix lite and realized that it only worked with the 1000. I am in the process of finding a rep to get some pricing. The confusion is that many sources state that the micro lite 8.30 will work with the 500 emulator software which I'm assuming is not the case?
Ok, thats a later version of the PV than I had expected. You will need the Factory Talk View Machine Edition (long enough name?) to configure that HMI. Here is a link concerning that system:


You actually downloaded the RSLogix500 Micro Lite. See what I mean about all of the versions. That version allows you to program with the 1000 and the 1100. Yes you can configure that software to work with the RSEmulate also. We use it here for a teaching tool, and it is great for that. Our stage 2 and 3 programs cover the setup and configuration of that software as it can be used in those classes. Talking with your rep is the best way to avoid confusion on which software to purchase for your needs.
Again - thank you for the insight. Not to beat a dead horse but the RSLogix Micro Lite 500 does NOT work with the SLC 500 but does work with the 500 emulator and the 1000 and 1100 CPU's?
That is correct. Not confusing at all is it... Keep in mind that if you connect to a real PLC, there are I/O restrictions. I have not experienced any I/O restrictions with the emulated systems I have tested with.
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