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I have all ready installed 1756-OF8 in local rack slot 8 of Control logic with configuration at channel0 (output range -10 to 10V, Scaling Signal 0-20 = 0-1000) and status module running without error, after that I checked in controller tag at Local:6:0.Ch0Data have value 500 but when I chek at terminal 3-1 doesnot have voltage... and I have change the value 750.. but same problem and also at other channel..., What will I do for this problem.. thanks
So why did you pick Local:6? I have been using compact logix for my last few projects so maybe I am missing something, but I would expect you to use Local:8 for slot eight. I also assume you are using the scaling built into the card right? I dont understand your scaling. I would expect to see -10 to 10 is 0 to 1000 or something like that. Where -10V to 10V is the signal and 0-1000 is the engineering units.